Ari Hautasaari

Courses / Lectures

  • 全学自由研究ゼミナール: 言語の価値 - 多言語主義から技術まで / Specialized Seminar The Value of Language - From Multilingualism to Technology (in English)
    Undergraduate Course, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo.
    (Fall semester, 2021 ~)
  • ICT Basic I (in English)
    School of Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University.
    (Fall semester, 2019 ~)
  • Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (in Japanese)
    Undergraduate Research Student Program, Interfaculty Initiate in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo.
    (Fall semester, 2018 ~)
  • Invited Lectures

  • VocaBura: A Method for Supporting Second Language Vocabulary Learning While Walking (2021.8.25) (in Japanese)
    Top Conference Session (Interaction and Mobile), IPSJ Forum on Information Technology (FIT) 2021, Tokyo, Japan (online)
  • Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Multilingual Team Communication During Work-From-Home Period (2021.2.25) (in Japanese)
    Mercari Inc., Tokyo, Japan (online)
  • Supporting Multilingual and Intercultural Communication in Online Environments (2020.5.26) (Japanese and English in parallel)
    Mercari Inc., Tokyo, Japan (online)
  • ICT Literacy – Communication Using ICT (2018.11.7) (in Japanese)
    Juntendo University, Tokyo, Japan